Smarsys dans Journal of Physics !

SmarSolar : PV production forecast used by the Swiss team, winner of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition 2017 Denver, Colorado

Philippe Couty* (a), Christophe Arn (b)

a TECPHY , Chemin du Mottey 1, 1020 Renens

b SMARSYS , Route d’Eclagnens 27, 1377 Oulens-sous-Echallens

Abstract. The article introduces the SmarSolar platform which merges customer management relations tools and Photovoltaic forecast services. We will present the modelling hypothesis as well as the validation of the model. The forecast service has been successfully used by the Swiss team in the Solar decathlon Competition US 2017 who won the competition. In a more general perspective, since all data and results are centralized in a database with cloud computing services, the platform can be used by installation owners to optimize their self-consumption as well as by electrical producers managing their park of PV installations and optimizing the grid load.

The platform SmarSOLAR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which offers new services for the management of PV installations. The platform proposes a professional graphical interface to register and manage the customer informations, set-up the PV installation as well as to visulalize the data with

analysis tools, see illustration images taken from a web browser. Towards predictive maintenance of PV systems as well as online diagnostics in case of efficiency drop, one must compare expected solar production obtained with weather data forecast with the actual production measurements. Thanks to this comparison, financial risks can be prevented by detecting hidden damages, system’s drifts, by proposing right time to use warranty and suggestions to optimize systems.Typically, the platform send alerts to the customer in case of production drop.

Built on the cloud approach illustrated below, SmarSOLAR is ready for other services such as grid optimization with PV productions and electrical storage. All data are stored in a common data base with data flux input and data flux output capabilities using suitable extract load transform tools (ETL) which can be customized with the customer system (inverters, datalogger, counter, database…). Finally, the platform includes the standard functionalities of Customer Management Relation and Enterprise Resource Planning tools (CRM/ERP) such as customer account management with billing, mailing, dashboard and report.

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